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Last Updated March 31, 2016
Building Labs, Inc., doing business as Fentrend (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website.  By submitting this request for fenestration product bids (“Request for Bids”) through, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”).  

1. These Terms & Conditions incorporate by reference the Fentrend Privacy Policy and Fentrend Website Terms & Conditions, which are made part hereof, and to which you are deemed to have consented and agreed by submitting a Request for Bids. In the event of any conflict between these Terms & Conditions and either the Fentrend Privacy Policy or the Fentrend Website Terms & Conditions, these Terms & Conditions will control.

2. You hereby authorize us to review the product specifications and other information included in the Request for Bids and to communicate that information to fenestration product manufacturers and distributors (“Suppliers”) that offer fenestration products which Fentrend, in its sole discretion and judgment, determines may be suitable for the specifications in the Request for Bids, and to third party intermediaries that facilitate Fentrend’s communications with Suppliers.

3. You authorize Fentrend to store the information contained in the Request for Bids in its fenestrations product database, to use the information to maintain and improve Fentrend’s offerings, and as Fentrend determines may otherwise improve its business and services.

4. You acknowledge that Fentrend will select Suppliers according to its sole discretion and assessment of the Request for Bids, any subsequent communications with you, and its knowledge of the Suppliers’ products and the fenestrations market.

5. You acknowledge and agree that it is solely your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the specifications included in the Request for Bids and confirm that they comply with local zoning, safety, and other applicable laws and regulations. Fentrend is unable to and will not independently verify whether the specifications submitted in the Request for Bids accurately reflect your needs, or that the products included in the Supplier’s bids are suitable for your needs.

6. You acknowledge and agree that, other than as set out in these Terms & Conditions, Fentrend owes no obligation or duty to you with regard to any aspect of the products actually purchased from a Supplier pursuant to your submission of a Request for Bids, and you will enter a sales agreement with Supplier that will exclusively govern the same. You will hold Fentrend harmless from any claim you may have arising out of your purchase of fenestration products from a Supplier, the performance and adequacy thereof, your submission of a Request for Bids to Fentrend, or your communications with Fentrend. You will independently verify and will not rely on Fentrend’s selection of Suppliers, communications to you, or Fentrend’s other acts in furtherance of submitting your Request for Bids to Suppliers. You acknowledge that Fentrend is not and may not be deemed to be your agent, representative, or fiduciary and owes you no duty other than as is explicitly stated in these Terms & Conditions.

7. You agree to indemnify and hold Fentrend harmless from any claim by a Supplier or third party relating to your submission of a Request for Bids, review of Bids, purchase of products from a Supplier, or the performance or adequacy of such products, including but not limited to any claim for monetary, personal, or property damage related thereto.

8. You acknowledge that upon your acceptance of a Bid from a Supplier, the Supplier will pay to Fentrend a commission that will be paid out of the Supplier’s margin that will not be passed on to you. You agree to notify Fentrend if a Supplier imposes a commission fee or otherwise attempts to pass Fentrend’s commission on to you.

9. You agree that, upon your receipt of bids from Suppliers, you will not assist any Supplier in circumventing or otherwise avoiding paying Fentrend a commission, but will instead notify Fentrend of any such attempt by a Supplier.  Such acts would include a Supplier asking you to reject Supplier’s Fentrend Bid and buy products from Supplier directly, a Supplier submitting an artificially reduced Bid through Fentrend and then increasing the price after the Bid is accepted, and a Supplier failing to report to Fentrend change orders or additional orders you place with Supplier for the same project.
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